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RE: Any runners around the campfire?

In the Doctoring biz, the answer to the which exercise is best Doc? The answer is, which ever one the patient will do. My advise don't get to hung up on what the so called experts say. Just do something, and do what it is you like. Just Move!!
winnietrey 11/27/20 03:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: Windshield defroster question

There should be a vacuum line to operate the mix door which could be inside the heater box assembly. From my experience rats tend to enjoy those vacuum lines as a tasty treat. I wonder if the PO may have had that happen prior to your ownership
winnietrey 11/27/20 09:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any runners around the campfire?

Hi 4x4. As a Chiro Doc, first I think it is wonderful you are working out. Good for you. You ask " what is the downside of working to hard?" My answer is this running is in general a exercise I advise my older patients against. It is just to hard on those older knees and backs. It can cause lots of problems. I would suggest lower impact exercises like biking, longer walking and so on. That said, there are always exceptions. I have had folks in their 80's still running half marathons. But as a rule of thumb running is usually not a great sport for anyone over 30 in my opinion I would also add, it is often good for one to change their focus from getting shape to staying in shape. Exercise should be a long term goal, not a short term one. Doing some form of exercise 2 to 3 days a week is what is important. If you lose weight short term, but hurt yourself or burn yourself out on the routine, then nothing really is accomplished. Long term commitment, to a exercise plan you will enjoy and will do is the key..If you don't like the exercise if you are like most of us you just will let it slide and not do it
winnietrey 11/27/20 09:07am Around the Campfire
RE: Teacher's Pet

Please pace yourself and don't be too hasty. It would be easy to get taken advantage of while dealing with your grief. Get advice from others that you trust, so often we hear stories of widows being swindled. I lost a girlfriend to cancer in 1992 and later realized I was in a fog for over a year after. Just something to think about, Wish you well. Thank you for the heads up. I have no intention of falling "victim" to anyone. My son is here in Florida as well and I can call on him if needed. Dale I don't think you will fall victim to anyone. But I will say I sold ours 6 months ago, after my wife died. I did let it go for a little cheaper, as I just wanted it gone. I am fine with that. Pain of selling it, far out weighed the few extra dollars I might have got, had I held out for my price and gone through the sales thing over and over with each prospective buyer. It was pretty tough sledding as it was
winnietrey 11/01/20 09:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Vetting Breeders

I wonder if you could call the breeder's vet. They probably would not say anything to negative, but anything short of a ringing endorsement, you might be able to read between the lines? I am a lab guy ( for the last 40 years) I also would not want a lab breed for hunting way to alpha, way to hyper. I know nothing about Springers in that regard though You might try craigslist, might find someone who just wanted to breed one litter of pups for friends and family and has an extra or two. Just did that with our current lab, he is great. Just some random thoughts As an after though I am sure you are probably aware, with the Covid, dogs are in high demand right now. Selection has gone down and price has gone up. At least that was our experience in the last month
winnietrey 11/01/20 09:24am RV Pet Stop
RE: Buying from a private party

I am a member of the club. My DW died unexpectedly last year. So I would offer these thoughts. I think it is good you are looking forward as to what you want to do next. I would say this, don't listen to closely to those who have never lost a spouse, no matter how well intentioned they don't really get it. For me, selling the MH was a very hard thing. I unloaded it and sold it by myself. I do not recommend that, as it was very painful. Looking back I would have put it on consignment, or at least had a friend or family member help. Way to many memories, way to much pain I think first order of business is get the class A sold. Then take a breath, look into your heart and let a few months pass. You will have a better idea of what you want to do. I have no advise on that. For me I decided, no motorhome for a few years. But each individual is different I wish you the best, hang in there, it does get better with time
winnietrey 10/24/20 08:38am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Arkansas SP $40 Dog Fee - REALLY ??

Seems from reading it, the fee applies only to cabins and yurts, not campsites. Might want to double check if that is true
winnietrey 09/30/20 07:16pm General RVing Issues
Oru, folding Kayak

Anyone have these? For our intended use, flat water, day trip use, they look good. We are interested in the Beach model Any thoughts, yep I know a hard shell is more sea worthy, and inflatable's are an option
winnietrey 07/26/20 10:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: loss of spouse

OP here. I had forgotten, I posted this, seems so long ago, almost like reading an old diary entry. Those were dark, dark days. What I really wanted to do at that time was take off in the RV and drink myself,to death. Instead, we brought the business back to life ( my wife was a huge part of it) and back then I would not have given a snowballs chance I could to it. But with help from one kid and finding a great employee we did. I joined an online dating site, and found a wonderful kind person who happens to be a women. ( which is great as I am a man) LOL. We are now together. All that really happened, is after a time I chose not to die on the same day my wife did, and stay frozen in time. I instead chose to live on. I am not that brave, or all that strong, I write these words to anyone in such a situation, if I can do it so can you. I have found the below to be of great help. You can shed tears that she is gone, Or you can smile because she lived You can close your eyes and pray that she will come back, Or you can open your eyes And see all she has left Your heart can be empty because you can't see her, or you can be full of love for the time you shared YOU CAN TURN YOUR BACK ON TOMMORROW, AND LIVE YESTERDAY OR YOU CAN BE HAPPY FOR TOMORROW, BECUASE OF YESTERDAY. You can remember her and only that she is gone, or you can cherish her memory and let it live on. You can cry and close you mind, Be empty and turn your back, OR YOU CAN DO WHAT SHE WOULD WANT, SMILE OPEN YOU EYES, LOVE AND GO ON My hope is the above is of some help to someone somewhere. I would add one final thought, don't hang you hat on the advise of someone, who has not lost a spouse. Although they are well intentioned, they at the end of the day have no idea what they are talking about. Do what is in your heart, not what they think you should do. And yes I still have bad days, but the pain is getting less, and have hope for the future. One day at a time Sorry for the long post, take care Ron
winnietrey 07/09/20 10:13am Around the Campfire
RE: Well, it's over

My wife of 45 years died unexpectedly last year. Many of the flashbacks I have involve our 15 years of Motorhome trips. They are very comforting and pleasant. I am so glad we did so much and did not wait till we retired, as so many do. The good news is you still have your wife to share those memories with. I miss that everyday. You are a lucky couple to have done so much and still have each other to share with
winnietrey 06/25/20 11:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fighting zoning ordinances that hurt RV owners

trouble is you get people like my BIL. Who has been fighting the city for years. He thinks it is perfectly fine to pile his driveway, yard and where ever he can find, with junk trailers, rusted farm tractors, and junk of every kind and description. And he uses the same argument. He has rights, it is his property, he can do what he wants. Strangely he never considers his neighbors or their rights. Many times laws are passed because of someone like him, but it affects the rest of us
winnietrey 06/25/20 09:42am Beginning RVing
RE: Mini Winnie needs major work

Just thinking out loud, but maybe just glue and screw that left side? For that kind of money, could be great for a young family, that just wants to do some local camping
winnietrey 05/25/20 11:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Mini Winnie needs major work

you might be surprsed with what you can get for it. I would bet 3kish, with little problem. And little work on your part other thatn getting the engine and genny running Sold one a few months back, Check craigs list, you maybe surprised as to what they are selling for. Missed the part where you said you don't want to get it running, so disregard post
winnietrey 05/25/20 10:01am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 20 year loan for RV?

Some people never figure out the difference between investment spending and consumptive spending. I have had friends asking me for years "how did you retire so young, I could never retire." I don't: Take vacations to France every summer. Remodel the kitchen every 5 years. Have new car loans. And I don't buy Rvs with a 20 year loan.That is very true, but then again you didn't have a newly remodeled kitchen every 5 years, aren't driving a new car, haven't had the cultural experiences you get visiting France every summer and didn't have an RV for those 20 years. There are many people who wouldn't trade those experiences for the ability to retire young. I sure wouldn't trade everything I have experienced over the years for the money I spent on them. The pay cash/ save crowd in my opinion are missing half the equation. I am living proof. Wife died at 66 very unexpectedly. We spent the last 15 years rving, and going over seas. Spent a lot of money. Would not trade those times for any amount of money Kids grow up, people get sick and die, and get old. My thought don't go crazy, but have fun while you can, spend some money. You just never know what's around the next bend, enjoy life a bit, and worry less about money
winnietrey 05/22/20 10:56am Beginning RVing
RE: Interesting state-by-state reopening guide

( herd immunity) Or the virus mutates, or burns itself out, which ever way, but medically ceases to be a threat, is what I was trying to convey. Again I have no opinion as to what should be done,
winnietrey 05/12/20 01:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Interesting state-by-state reopening guide

Read, what I thougth was an interesting article. Can't remember where. But said pandemics end one of two ways. First medically( herd immunity) or two socially. People accept the risk and go back to work etc, and accept the death rate and the risk. I have no comment on which we should do ,as I really don't know, but I suspect we are moveing toward option # two
winnietrey 05/12/20 01:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Doctor Dies

Mr Steve, The man had a wife, two daughters and grand children. From experience, the pain they are feeling is almost unbearable. You are quite down on the obese, but what say you to genetics, Many people die, not becuase they were fat or lived an unhealthy life, they had poor genetics, they just got dealt a bad hand. My wife of 45 years died 6 months ago, from a massive heart attack, she did not smoke, drink' exercised regularly' was not overweight and took care of herself. In your view would she then not be entitled to treatment? or how about the disabled, and those born with birth defects, are they disposable? My hope sir, is you never experience true loss, that you never know the pain it brings. But I can guarntee this, if you do, you will change your tune. And I would guess just have a little bit more empathy My post is not an argument for or against opening the economy, I can see it from both sides. My own business is down 70% so I get it. What I am saying is these deaths are not just numbers, these are good people with wife's, children and grand kids, I think a little compassion would go a long way on all our parts
winnietrey 04/21/20 12:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: And Texas Caves In

I have been in the medical field for some 41 years. This is how I see it. Lets say knowledge is like a pond 6 ft deep. In my speciality I probably know it down to say 5 feet after 41 years. In areas out of my specialty I might know it down a foot or so. So for me to argue with someone who know it down to 6 feet is stupid. See, the first few inches, everything seems so crystal clear. But the problem is, at two inches you don't know about the yeah buts, the maybes, the could be but, and the maybe nots. When you don't know, what you don't know that is a huge problem. I say we go withwhat the boys at the CDC say, they are the ones that know the pond down 6 feet, not you or I We've heard from the experts in this field and I believe them that the best way to stop the virus is to do the shutdown. But that doesn't mean that the shutdown is the best thing to do. Huh, you say? There may be side effects. You've heard of those. What if shutting down the economy to this degree causes more deaths? Or what if shutting it down saves 100,000 lives but it costs 10,000 lives who would've lived otherwise. Do you have the right to trade one group of lives for another? Or as Captain Kirk said "Do the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many?" We've heard from the scientists, but they are not the only voice that matters. We haven't heard from the economists. And we haven't heard from the ethicists. We just ran headlong into this shutdown out of fear. Fear of a 1% chance of dying. Everybody dies. The thing is to die well. Dallas Steve that quote was spock not kirk. I think you have all the answers, and I encourage you to run for President
winnietrey 04/07/20 06:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: And Texas Caves In

I have been in the medical field for some 41 years. This is how I see it. Lets say knowledge is like a pond 6 ft deep. In my speciality I probably know it down to say 5 feet after 41 years. In areas out of my specialty I might know it down a foot or so. So for me to argue with someone who know it down to 6 feet is stupid. See, the first few inches, everything seems so crystal clear. But the problem is, at two inches you don't know about the yeah buts, the maybes, the could be but, and the maybe nots. When you don't know, what you don't know that is a huge problem. I say we go withwhat the boys at the CDC say, they are the ones that know the pond down 6 feet, not you or I
winnietrey 04/07/20 05:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: And Texas Caves In

I think one of the best agruments against the it's a hoax, and all media hype, is communist China. Their media is state controlled, I don't think they care much about their own people, but they do care about their ecomeny. So for them to go in lock down tells me, the threat is very real. Best we listen to the folks who do this for a living in my opinion. And not someone without absoultly no knowledge, spouting his or her pet theory
winnietrey 04/07/20 04:15pm General RVing Issues
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