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RE: How fast do you drive with camper on? .

I have driven as fast as 80 mph to get past a long line of tractor trailer rigs but otherwise keep my speed well below 70 mph. With a camper the truck is having to overcome air drag with increases exponentially with speed. At 80 MPH the air drag is 300% greater than at 40 mph. With my own diesel pickup and a cabover camper the truck would average 13 mpg on the highway at 62-65 mph. With a 10 mph headwind I was in effect driving at 72 mph and the miles per gallon would decrease by 10%. If I was driving at 70 mph with a 10 mph headwind the truck would drop to 8-9 mpg and I was consuming 20% more diesel fuel and would need to make a fuel stop much sooner.
wintersun 08/20/21 03:13pm Truck Campers
RE: 87 to 85 octane-what altitude?

Octane rating refers to the resistance of the fuel to pre-ignition or knock and not to the BTUs of energy provided. If an engine is designed to use 89 octance gas and you put 87 octane in the gas tank then the engine computer will ****** the spark advance to compensate and prevent knocking and damage to the engine. This retarding of the ignition will result in less power, regardless of the elevation at which the engine is operating. If you put 93 octane gas in the tank you gain nothing over 89 octane with that engine. With fuel injection there is far less of an elevation effect on engines. With carburators the jets were sized for sea level and when going up to higher elevations the mixture would be too rich and power was lost. With fuel injectors the mix is adjusted based on the air available which is why they improve fuel economy for engines.
wintersun 08/20/21 03:08pm Folding Trailers
RE: Tunnels, bridges & hair pin turns

All states post the locations where there are clearance problems as they want truckers to have this information. In terms of turns the route guidance with the Garmin 780 RV Trucker GPS works very well. You input the length of your vehicle and the length of the trailer and it routes you accordingly. I prefer the Garmin which I mount on the windshield at the lower left corner to using the navigation in the dash. Much easier to monitor the GPS above the dash and I do not need to take my eyes of the road nearly as long.
wintersun 08/20/21 03:01pm Roads and Routes
RE: New Chevy / GMC 3500HD options

At the front wheels installing Rancho XL or other adjustable shocks will help to tune the suspension for any porpoising with the load on the rear axle. More load capacity at the front makes little sense as 85% or more of the weight of the 5th wheel will be supported by the rear wheels. What can help with the ride is using a shock absorbing 5th wheel pin box like the ones from Trailair sold by etrailer and others. These will reduce road shock a great deal and also reduce chucking.
wintersun 08/20/21 02:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Stable Camper anti-rocking system

My camper when off the truck has always been lowered to where it is less than a foot above the ground and no chance of flexing of the legs. There is an assumption that the extra bracing is going to be attached to a solid part of the camper and often this will not be the case.
wintersun 08/20/21 02:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Air Filters For Your Trucks

K&N have their advantages for racing vehicles but not for use on paved highways. With my diesel pickup I bought a Fram replacement filter but it was much lower quality and a poorer fit than the stock GM air filter. What 99% of people do not know is that a filter is least effective when it is brand new and before any "loading" of the media has taken place (same is true for fuel filters). The only way to improve air flow is to reduce the filtering of particles in the air, as with the K&N filters. Not a problem with a race engine that only has to finish the race but not a good choice if you want to put as many miles as possible on an engine.
wintersun 08/20/21 02:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sad state of national parks and forests - II

Grant Teton park officials recently reported that they had 1 million visitors in July 2021. Overall the past summmer and this summer there has been a near doubling in the number of visitors to the nation's national parks. There has not been a doubling of their budgets and they are having to spend literally billions of dollars to fight fires from the prolonged drought caused by man made global warming. What is needed is a WPA as with FDR. A great many of the campgrounds and roads and bridges were built in the 1930's as part of program to put men to work and the net result was greatly improved infrastructure for everyone to enjoy. The Republicans have wanted to privatize our parks and turn them over to corporations to operate for profit. I seriously doubt that with the Republican obstructionists and neoliberal "democrats" that Biden will have a prayer of doing the same. But for Bernie Sanders we have not even a glimmer of hope. California is different in that the people of the state, for the most part, value the public lands and state parks and beaches and have funded them over the years. California is one of only 3 states in the nation where there is free public access to 100% of the coastline (the other two are Oregon and Texas).
wintersun 08/20/21 02:40pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Small gas tank beef

With Ram 1500 trucks there is the option of ordering the truck with a 33 gallon gas tank. With Ford F-150 there is the option of getting a 36 gallon gas tank. Toyota Tundra trucks come standard with 38 gallon gas tanks. It is only with Chevy 1500 trucks where a customer is stuck with a 24 gallon gas tank. Federal regs do not allow swapping out a factory gas tank for a larger aftermarket gas tank. OK with diesel but not with gas. So the larger tank needs to be installed at the factory. Ford and Ram stick it to their customers by requiring a truck ordered with the larger gas tank to also have options packages. Ram for example charges $445 for the larger gas tank but also requires its customers to buy one of two options packages at a cost of $1,300 or $2,500. So the larger gas tank on the Ram 1500 requires spending at least an additional $1,745.
wintersun 08/20/21 02:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Opinions on diesel vs. gasoline

My first choice for a Class B is the gas engine and for a Class C built on a 4500 Class chassis. The Mercedes diesel engine is very reliable but it is only available with the Sprinter 3500 chassis so the OCCC is less than half that of a E-450 chassis. Huge difference betwween a GVWR of 11,030 lbs as with the Mercedes Sprinter 3500 and a GVWR of 12,500 and 14.500 with the Ford E-450 chassis. With our 2021 Navion 24D the OCCc is only 886 lbs which includes the weight of my wife and I and our e-bikes on a rack attached to the hitch receiver, clothing, cookware, food, and gear, leaving an allowance of less than 140 lbs for fresh water, grey water, and and black waste. With only 15 gallons of fresh water and empty gray and black holding tank, we are at 100% of the OCCC of the motorhome. Where the diesel engine can help is with added range from getting more miles per gallon but the Sprinter chassis have a small gas tank as this platform is designed for use as a commercial van and not for motorhomes.
wintersun 08/20/21 02:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: When to buy?

This past July there were more than 1 million visitors to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone which was a new record. With the delta variant and so many unvaccinated clowns walking around it is still far safer to travel by RV to recreation areas than to fly or take a cruise on a ship. If you are looking to buy then decide which models work for your needs and continue to scan Craigslist and RVtrader and be ready to have cash in hand to make the purchase.
wintersun 08/20/21 01:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Chevy V8 vs Ford V 10

More cylinders means more pollution and more pumping losses and so poorer fuel economy for two similar displacement gas engines. There is a website that I have found very useful in the past. It provides information by model year and engine type so one can see if a particular engine had reliability issues and whether this was fixed by the manufacturer. With my own Chevy SUV and its 3.6L V-6 engine there was a design flaw that resulted in inadequate lubrication of the timing chain and very expensive repairs. This affected this engine from its inception until 2012. Chevy supposedly fixed the problem in 2010 but this is not evident in the numbers of customers reporting repair issues with the engine. Overall, gas engine reliability increased tremendously when the oil refineries stopped putting tetraethyl lead in gasoline to reduce pre-ignition problems. Now it is a matter of air pumps and fuel injectors and alternators and AC and seals failing or electronics and transmission problems.
wintersun 08/20/21 01:53pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TPMS was mandated in 2007 by the feds to improve fuel economy and not to make vehicles safer. I get 2-4 PSI changes based on which side of the vehicle is in direct sunlight and I ignore the readings. If a tire is losing air after a week then it is time to go to a tire shop and have it checked out. Best way to maximize fuel economy is to drive at the posted speed limit or slower.
wintersun 08/20/21 01:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: The importance of a TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System

I have experienced a few tire failures and in every case it was a problem with the tire bead failing and the result was a sudden blowout. A TPMS is worthless in such situations. The feds mandated the TPMS starting with 2007 vehicles and the intent was to improve fuel economy as it was believed that most people were driving with tire pressures that were more thn 10% low and so they are burning more fuel. Nothing to do with safety but that is a widely held and false belief that is pervasive.
wintersun 06/24/21 05:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 19.5" Tire Comparisons

19.5 tires are overkill on a DRW truck. With my SRW truck I replace the factory tires rated at 3095 lbs with Nitto tires rated at 3750 lbs and so had support for up to 7500 lbs or 4000 lbs of payload with the truck. with the addition of Supersprings my Chevy 2500 was dead level with 4,000 lbs in the bed. Only if I was going with a camper that had a dry weight of more than 4,000 lbs would I have to decide between DRW or going to 19.5 tires and rims. The 19.5 rims and tires would have cost me more than $3,000 and so not a decision to make for grins.
wintersun 06/24/21 05:40pm Truck Campers
RE: RV Fresh Water System Sanitized Using Vinegar & Water Heater

The problem with bleach is that people use too much. Per FEMA to sanitize a 5 gallon tank of water it only takes 1 teaspoon of household bleach (which is alread diluted by 92%). That is only 1 ounce of bleach for a 20 gallon freshwater tank and a fraction of what most actually use. With bacteria growing in a hot water tank I would double the concentration and use 2 teaspoons of bleach in 5 gallons of water. I carry a small 8 ounce bottle of bleach and and add it at the 1 oz per 20 gallons of freshwater to the camper.
wintersun 06/24/21 05:35pm Truck Campers
RE: New Silverado 4500 w/ TC

GM is supplying these to manufacturers including Coachmen for their Class C motorhomes. Great to have a 20,000 lb GCWR.
wintersun 06/24/21 05:30pm Truck Campers
RE: 2005 Lance 845

Your dealer provided remarkably good advice. You are also fortunate in having a 2016 year truck as that was the first year that Ford provided a much stronger truck frame. Also check the tires on your truck. With my 2500 truck the factory tires had a load rating of 3095 lbs or 6190 for the two at the rear axle. The truck itself weighed 3200 lbs at the rear axle when empty. The weight of the truck and the camper was going to be more than 6200 lbs. I replaced the factory tires with Nitto tires rated for 3750 lbs (similar tires fron Toyo and Goodrich) each and increase the load capacity at the rear to 7500 lbs which was more than enough. The local CAT scale costs about $15 to have the truck weighed with and without the camper and then you know exactly how much weight is being carried. I discovered that 80% of the camper load was being supported by the rear wheels of the truck. The Supersprings double leaf set (4 leaves in total) cost me $450 and provided the support needed for the heavy camper. They took me an hour to install and greatly improved the handling of the truck. In a turn more than 50% of the weight of the camper is being supported by the wheels on one side and so adding more support adds to the stability. Another change I made was to replace the factory shocks with Rancho XL adjustable shocks. I found that having the front shocks at 5 and rear shocks at 10 provided the best ride with minimal porpoising. With the camper off the truck I would only change the rear shock setting taking them to 5 or 6. Thirty seconds and no tools needed to change the setting on the shocks.
wintersun 06/24/21 05:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Torklift camper tie down width question

Also with the Fastguns it is easy to adjust them so there is only 3/8" difference in the threaded section that is exposed when fully tightened. It is very easy to apply too much force to the camper mounts and do serious damage to the camper that will be very expensive to repair.
wintersun 06/24/21 05:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Insurance!

The camper when off the truck is usually covered by homeowner's insurance. On the truck it should be covered by the auto insurance. I have had no problems with State Farm for insuring the camper with our homeowners and our auto insurance policies. Not unusual for companies to offer low rates and then cover themselves by reducing the coverage or increasing the deductible or other aspect.
wintersun 06/24/21 05:07pm Truck Campers
RE: 24 ft or less B+ with over head bed.

Check out the "Class C" motorhomes from Coachmen in both traditional C types with bunks over the cab and also B+ versions. They use the Ford E-350 chassis for some models and the Chevy 4500 for others so you have a choice of both as well as differing floor plans. What I particularly like is their use of compressor fridges and propane cooktops and ovens. The 4500 RVs also have a 4000W generator and very large fuel tanks.
wintersun 06/24/21 05:02pm Class C Motorhomes
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