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RE: 15+ F150 - Breakaway Cable anchor?

Thanks for those who have offered suggestions. I have been under the truck and haven't seen any good independent locations (the bumper is integrated to the hitch and would likely be part of any failure) - but I'll look for a hidden loop as suggested above. For those who don't isolate the cable to a different mounting point - more power to you. I simply prefer the redundancy created by a separate mount. How far forward did you look? Is it possible to connect a cable with a loop on the end to something way forward of the rear bumper and route it to the back? The trailer lanyard need not connect to a frame member if it connects to something solid via another length of cable.
wnjj 07/07/20 02:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Norcold Refrigerator Claims

I wonder if the last check was minus the legal fees. That's really what most of these large settlements are about.
wnjj 07/07/20 01:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: need help with electrical

I think you are fighting two problems. One is the trailer and one is the tow vehicle. Based upon the first post where the battery gauge recovered some in two hours it’s likely the tow vehicle charging (what little there usually is) is working.
wnjj 07/06/20 10:02am General RVing Issues
RE: need help with electrical

I’m not sure why everyone is assuming 6V batteries. The OP said it worked previously which means it cannot be a wiring issue. It sounds like REALLY dead 12V batteries and for sure the converter/charger isn’t working. It may be as simple as blown fuses on the converter itself or just a failed converter. They are also group 24 which implies 12V, right?
wnjj 07/05/20 09:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camper jack torn off driving

Don't know what kind of jack you have, but I don't see holes for bolts? The few screw that left marks were put BETWEEN the skin and the frame. They had no holding power. Seems you had only 1 screw with solid hold and that one pulled some wood. Most of the jacks have at least 2 bolts on each side that go on other side of the wall and end on the piece of steel there. Look again. You can see half of the exposed bolt holes running left to right. The entire front half of the stud is gone, split right across the bolt line. There are also bolt holes going in (looking straight into the photo). My guess is a 2001 model is going to be prohibitively expensive to repair, unless you do it yourself.
wnjj 07/05/20 09:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Need replacement 2 prong cord from Atwood Jack

Do you have a picture? Is it this? Or is that for a different style. You mention 2 connectors and a cable. Is this for one end? You may have to splice. Or is this the camper side and you need the part the plugs into this? Would this work?
wnjj 07/03/20 09:20am Truck Campers
RE: House Water Pump needs assistance priming

They can go bad. The pump in our camper worked fine for several years but now will not prime unless the tank is completely full. Once I prime it by forcing water into it by blowing into the winterizing tube with water in it, it will hold prime fine. It doesn’t leak back or run unless water is used. It otherwise works perfectly. I’ve cleaned the diaphragm twice and now just have a new pump to install.
wnjj 07/01/20 09:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Disconnect Power When Using Generator?

The park just doesn’t want every RV in the place to switch back to campground power at the same time when it returns. If people have to manually have to reconnect it spreads the load.While you are correct... I understand that typically generator gets priority so I believe RVs would remain isolated until the generator was shut down. I guess that makes sense in that the “normal” use doesn’t require energizing the relay coils full time, however much like unplugging you wouldn’t have an easy way to know the power was restored. I suppose you could have some circuits that only connect to shore power and/or a tattle tale indicator for shore power.
wnjj 06/29/20 07:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have no modifications?

For clarification, do you consider shocks to be a modification or not? They replace a stock part with an equivalent or better but since they are also a wear item you could consider them just replacements. The same question goes for the tires I suppose. As I mentioned above, I did replace the shocks and eventually the tires but with no major notable difference with the shocks and the tires were the same size and load rating as the worn out OEM tires.
wnjj 06/29/20 07:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Disconnect Power When Using Generator?

The park just doesn’t want every RV in the place to switch back to campground power at the same time when it returns. If people have to manually have to reconnect it spreads the load.
wnjj 06/29/20 09:59am Tech Issues
RE: AC unit wiring question

Did you ever get a chance to connect it up? I’m curious if it’s working.
wnjj 06/29/20 09:46am Travel Trailers
RE: City Water is filling/overflowing my freshwater tank

The check valve is part of the water pump itself. Try running some water through your system by using the pump. That may reseat it or let whatever debris through that may be making it leak. If that doesn’t work, it’s fairly simple to take the pump head apart to clean and inspect the diaphragm. If you are referring to the city check valve at the hose connection that is not the issue. That one prevents pump pressure from pushing water out of that connection when it’s not In use,
wnjj 06/28/20 10:32am Tech Issues
RE: Honda generator question

Note that according this schematic there is NO CITRCUIT BTREAKER PROTECTING EITHER THE TWIST LOCK 30A OUTLET OR THE PARALLEL OPERATIONS OUTLET ! There doesn’t need to be breakers because the generator (or generators) cannot put out enough current to exceed the capacity of those outlets. The 20A receptacle has a breaker because parallel cables would allow up to 26A that would overload that receptacle.
wnjj 06/27/20 11:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda generator question

The outlets are protected by a 20A breaker so that’s all you’ll get by paralleling 2 non-companion models.All you'll get? The generator is only rated at 13.2 a. Don't you get twice that max when paralleled.. otherwise what's the point? If you only connect the parallel cables meant for use with a companion model then try to draw from one of the generator’s 20A receptacle, you may not get all 26.4A since the receptacle and its breaker are only rated for 20A. A parallel kit with a 30A receptacle as part of the parallel cables or a companion model avoids this limitation.
wnjj 06/27/20 11:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda generator question

The outlets on a an EU2000i are rated at 20A. I am ASSUMING your trailer has a 30A plug (TT30). While it is possible to purchase/make an adapter to 120VAC 20A to 120VAC 30A, I have to question the wiring BEHIND the outlet. The outlets are protected by a 20A breaker so that’s all you’ll get by paralleling 2 non-companion models. You can, however build a cable that takes both of the parallel connections and brings them to a 30A receptacle. The same would work with the 20A plugs but would require a suicide cord and would not be recommended. The only thing special about the companion model is the built in 30A receptacle.
wnjj 06/27/20 08:42am Tech Issues
RE: Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have no modifications?

I ran completely stock for a couple years before adding Rancho RS9000 shocks. I’m not sure I really noticed much of a difference to be honest, maybe a little less rocking when turning into driveway cuts. No other changes made. I even ran the stock tires for 12 years. 2005 Silverado 3500 SRW with Eagle Cap 950, usually towing a 6x10 cargo trailer.
wnjj 06/26/20 03:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Mach III plus 13.5 ac fan running backwards?

Wax, tell us how a capacitor is used to create torque in AC motor? In short, a capacitor creates a 2nd phase. Here's a pretty decent page to help explain this. Refer to the capacitor-start and capacitor-run motors:
wnjj 06/25/20 06:34pm Tech Issues
RE: AC unit wiring question

OK, so I found a Dometic installation instruction that while it may not be your model, the wiring colors are the same. For the following, I'll refer to the separate brown & white as the supply wires, the red & white pair as the furnace wires and the 6-conductor as the thermostat wires. The wire colors in all CAPS will be the 11 A/C wires. According to the doc above: 1. Connect large the +12V brown supply wire to A/C RED (after you confirm it's the one from your fusebox). 2. Connect the large white supply wire to A/C BLACK. 3. Connect the thermostat red wire to A/C RED/WHITE (+12V out to thermostat). 4. Connect the thermostat green to A/C GREEN (gnd). 5. Connect the thermostat yellow to A/C YELLOW (cool). 6. Connect the thermostat tan to A/C TAN (fan). 7. Connect the thermostat blue to A/C BLUE (hi fan). 8. Connect the thermostat white to A/C WHITE (heat). 9. A/C ORANGE is not used (no HS/HP terminal on your thermostat). I take back what I said previously about the furnace wires (red & white pair). It seems this A/C unit takes in the thermostat white wire and provides a set of BLUE/WHITE that short together to run the furnace. Based upon that, I'd say the 2-wire red & white furnace pair connect to the A/C BLUE/WHITE wires.
wnjj 06/25/20 05:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: AC unit wiring question

The 2-wire thin pair (red/white) likely comes from the furnace. Usually power comes up the red wire and is switched on/off on the white wire by the thermostat. That white wire needs to connect to the white one coming from the thermostat 'heat' pin (also white). The red wire may also need connected to the thermostat + wire (red). Some of the wires in the 6-wire cable look like they were cut and/or never used. I assume some of those broke off when you disconnected them? The A/C will need a wire for cool, fan, high fan, power and ground. The brown and white larger wires probably provide the 12V power for the A/C unit. What brand is the A/C?
wnjj 06/25/20 04:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Backing that trailer into a tight campsite..

wnjj 06/22/20 06:39pm Travel Trailers
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