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RE: Batteries

The 20 hour rate is the most common rating. So, each of your batteries is 225 AH @ 6 VDC. So each pair wired in SERIES is 225 AH @ 12 VDC. Both pairs together (your battery bank) is 550 AH @ 12 VDC. Yes, sorry for the bad math-- know RV's, math-- not so much. CORRECTED: So, each of your batteries is 215 AH @ 6 VDC. So each pair wired in SERIES is 215 AH @ 12 VDC. Both pairs together (your battery bank) is 430 AH @ 12 VDC.
wolfe10 07/18/20 04:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Batteries

ON EDIT: Thanks to all who posted below who corrected my "BAD MATH". Concept correct, math not so much. Rather than leave questions, I will edit to supply, as others have done the correct answer: 430 AH @ 12 VDC. The 20 hour rate is the most common rating. So, each of your batteries is 215 AH @ 6 VDC. So each pair wired in SERIES is 215 AH @ 12 VDC. Both pairs together (your battery bank) is 430 AH @ 12 VDC.
wolfe10 07/18/20 02:18pm Tech Issues
RE: tire pressure

The 80 psi is for the RV at its full GVWR. My sticker states 90, but I’m under the GVWR by about 2k lbs. so I run mine at 86. When my buddy got his he set the tires to 120 and always complained of the ride. I told him to set the tires to the placard. He said it handled and rode much better! A slight rephrase and to correct some incorrect information elsewhere: The tire pressure on the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) plaque is for: Original size and load rating tires. It is for PSI with each axle loaded to its GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) which is also stated on the GVWR plaque. Change tire sizes or load ratings, and you need to consult your new tire manufacturer for the correct PSI for your actual axle weights. And, to expand on some of the earlier posts: Best is to weight individual wheel positions with coach loaded as you go down the road, then, using the heavier wheel position on each axle, use your tire manufacturer's inflation table to determine the correct MINIMUM PSI. Adding 5-10 PSI, as long as it does not exceed the tire or wheel maximums is a good idea. Next best is if you just have axle weights (vs individual wheel position weights). Here you will need to add a little more PSI as it is extremely unlikely that you have perfect left right weight distribution. Next best is to go by the GVWR plaque. But (OK, large BUT), that assumes that your axles are not much above or below GAWR's. Next best is to inflate to PSI on the sidewall of the tire. Again, this could be 30-40 PSI off from what your tire manufacturer recommends FOR YOUR ACTUAL WEIGHTS. Lastly-- don't worry about it or let Bubba at the dealership just wing it (yes I am assuming Bubba is not clairvoyant and can not just look at your coach and tell what it weights). Please do not complain about ride handling or tire failures/blowouts if you use this one.
wolfe10 07/18/20 10:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Transfer switch popping every 15 seconds

Is voltage still 120 VAC+/- IN THE COACH (not just at the CG outlet) when the clicking occurs OR when the ATS clicks do you loose 120 VAC to the coach? Yes, surge protectors can fail, just as can ATS's and most other electric devices.
wolfe10 07/18/20 10:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: flat towing a toad

What is the motorhome’s maximum tow weight? Absolutely the correct starting place. Choosing a great toad that exceeds your coach's hitch OR GCWR would be the wrong choice. So, after consulting your owners manual or coach manufacturer, let us know so we do not suggest a 5,200 pound toad if you have a 4,000 pound limit.
wolfe10 07/18/20 10:03am Dinghy Towing
RE: Transfer switch popping every 15 seconds

First thing is to verify that your shore power IS good. What is voltage when this happens as measured in the coach? If below 108 VDC, check at the pedestal. May be CG power issue or issue with your shore power cord or wiring to ATS. At only one CG of at others?
wolfe10 07/18/20 07:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: FORD 460 Overheating Mystery

maybe wrong but I believe clutch fans after about 50 mph aren't needed and disengage A significant factor here is how is AIR FLOW there is through the radiator??? If the coach maker made sure that any air that comes in the grill goes through the radiator-- likely accurate. If behind the grill is totally open and there is less resistance for air to in the grill and out the bottom or wheel wells, NOT SO MUCH. It is air temperature that locks up the fan/fan runs on HIGH.
wolfe10 07/12/20 05:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Synthetic Trans Fluid

IMO, doing two changes back to back is a total waste of money. With the first change from Dexron to Transynd, Allison's recommendation is merely to follow the change schedule for Dexron. Yes, with the second change using Transynd, you go to the much longer service schedule allowed for Transynd.
wolfe10 07/11/20 08:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Synthetic Trans Fluid

Change your transmission fluid on a regular basis. It's cheap insurance. Concur ! I usually also tell people to use the OEM recommended fluid. So, you are recommending going from Allison's Transynd BACK to Dexron??? Transynd did become the OE fluid shortly after 2002.
wolfe10 07/09/20 07:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Synthetic Trans Fluid

Suspect somewhere between every year and every 10+ years (based on your miles/yr) is the correct answer. Were it me, a fluid and filters change every 5 years with your few miles per year should be fine as long as not other issues (like coolant in fluid, fluid discoloration, etc).
wolfe10 07/09/20 06:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help No power at dashboard won't start

The only effect on the 12 VDC systems would be that you likely blew out your converter or inverter/charger so the batteries may be dead. Start by checking voltage at both chassis and house batteries
wolfe10 07/08/20 12:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Wind noise E-450

Hi, The noise level dropped greatly after I added Air Tabs. They did little for the mileage. Handling was improved. Before air tabs I had to shout--after air tabs ordinary conversation levels were possible. Familiar with air tabs at the rear of a coach. Can you describe exactly where you placed them up front?
wolfe10 07/03/20 06:57am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Running Hot!

There is no Tow Haul on Allison 3000 transmission. And economy mode ON is OK as long as YOU select the proper gear (higher end of engine RPM range and less than full throttle). If you expect all automatic, then on long steep grades keep it in performance mode (which is the mode it starts in every time you start the engine). The problem I see with that is that you have decided that it is smarter than you. May be true, may not-- depends on the driver. Said another way, a smart drives is PROactive-- seeing what is happening where you are now and what is coming up. While the transmission can only e REactive-- seeing what happened well behind you. No rights or wrongs here-- but the Allison does allow you to treat it like a manual transmission in terms of selecting the right gear.
wolfe10 06/30/20 10:21am Tech Issues
RE: Running Hot!

What are you considering hot? 210 degrees for short stints is pretty normal usually once cresting the grade they will cool off settle back in around 180-190. While absolutely true, I would suggest that once coolant temperature rises above thermostatic control (fan on high speed on side radiator systems) one needs to start addressing the condition. That likely means lower gear, higher engine RPM and backing out of the throttle. Using this technique,we have successfully climbed long 6+% grades in 100 degree weather without coolant temperature rising more than 10-12 degrees F from thermostatic control. And, passed other DP's on the side of the road with severe overheating under exactly the same conditions.
wolfe10 06/29/20 07:41am Tech Issues
RE: Running Hot!

Thanks. Is there any way to access this from under the coach (knowing full well this will get me wet and dirty!). I’ve been under the bedroom once and the engine cover is so tight it took me 2 days of prying and pounding to get under the bedroom. I really don’t want to go through that again! Thanks. You will just have to crawl under and check. Look at the perimeter, not center of the CAC (the fan blades sling the dirt to the perimeter). And, yes, if overheating, operate about 200 RPM under max HP RPM for your engine at less than full throttle. Higher RPM turns the fan and water pump faster and less than full throttle reduces heat load. Do NOT run dash A/C when overheating.
wolfe10 06/28/20 09:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Running Hot!

Clean the front of the CAC as well as radiator. Access from bedroom or closet depending on floorplan. Needs to be done annually. A garden hose and Simple Green Extreme (will not harm the aluminum CAC)and an old pair of clothes you don't mind getting dirty is all you need.
wolfe10 06/28/20 12:07pm Tech Issues
RE: New Ford Chassis

The Chevy/Workhorse P chassis had IFS. NOT a poster child for a good gas chassis! The Workhorse W with solid front axle was a real step up.
wolfe10 06/24/20 05:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No 12v power to Motorhome?

Agree, 30 VDC makes no sense. Even if the 12 VDC batteries are wired in series instead of parallel like they should be, that would suggest that each battery is at 15 VDC??? 12 VDC batteries at rest will not exceed 13 VDC each. And, no 12 VDC charger would be able to charge to 30 VDC unless badly malfunctioning.
wolfe10 06/24/20 01:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Grease on rear wheels

Your rig doesn't have an axle seal. It has a hub seal and an axle gasket. From your description of the leak, you probably have a failed axle gasket or loose axle bolts. THat type of leak will not affect your brakes Richard This is likely the correct answer. Check with his axle manufacturer or chassis maker if he doesn't know the axle manufacturer/model (plate on the rear axle will have that info), but likely just a leaking gasket. NOT expensive.
wolfe10 06/21/20 06:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Load Rating Questions

Be aware that many tires with higher load ratings (like many going from G to H) have higher load carrying capacity AT HIGHER PSI's. In some cases, those PSI's are above the rating for the OE wheels. So, verify mad wheel PSI before assuming you can carry the PSI to give you those higher load carrying capacities.
wolfe10 06/20/20 12:12pm Tech Issues
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