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RE: Gray tank capacity

Cut the top off a gallon water bottle and time how long it takes. Show the kids so they understand every 10 seconds really adds up. Could even do the math and come up with how many seconds of water time people get per shower.
wopachop 08/10/20 02:09pm Beginning RVing
RE: How do I get a colder freezer?

I can get the fridge to be much colder but then it will freeze whatever I have in it. Once again my question is how to get the freezer to be colder but NOT the fridge.Wish i could trick my fridge into getting cold enough to freeze items. Then back it off a bit. What are you doing to make it that cold. I would go back to those settings. Then install slim pieces of foam between some of the cooling fins in the fridge. That should result in colder freezer temps and the ability to keep adding foam strips until you reduce the effectiveness of the fridge fins enough to keep food from freezing.
wopachop 08/03/20 01:31pm Tech Issues
RE: How to empty fresh water tank without pump?

Before you go paying a shop stick a vacuum on the faucet and use your hands to make a decent seal. Turn both the water pump and vacuum on to prime the system. Happens to my friends trailer all the time.
wopachop 08/02/20 02:13pm Beginning RVing
RE: How to empty fresh water tank without pump?

Can you hear the pump turning on?
wopachop 08/02/20 11:08am Beginning RVing
RE: Refrigerator left running with doors open for 2 weeks !

Let's say you're in the trailer looking at the fridge door. Which angle hurts it the most?
wopachop 07/31/20 06:53pm Tech Issues
Can AUTO mode damage A/C from frequent shutdowns?

Have a dometic air conditioner with the wall mounted controller. The A/C reacts differently based on the FAN setting being low, high, or auto. If the fan is set to low the A/C runs 24/7 on the low fan speed and i can hear when the compressor kicks off and on. If the fan is set to auto the A/C will bounce around between running on high, low, or completely shutting off. I have heard A/C guys say you need to let it rest for several minutes after a shutdown. It seems like my RV rooftop A/C can turn off and on within a minute. It also sounds like a long pause of nothing when it switches between high and low fan. To battle this i set the controller temp super low so the A/C stays running. But i would prefer if i could set it to 85F when im gone. Not sure which of the fan settings would do the least amount of wear and tear on the ac unit.
wopachop 07/31/20 12:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator cold air catcher

Works awesome. The graph below was the first day i put the cardboard in. That big spike to 45F would happen every time i open the door. You can see the immediate change and i promise i was still opening the fridge a bunch of times.
wopachop 07/25/20 10:46pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Wheel chocks

Harbor freight rubber are heavy and nice. 20% coupon works on them.
wopachop 07/25/20 05:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV toilet paper

I dont understand how a competent human being could buy Costco toilet paper more than once.
wopachop 07/25/20 10:23am Beginning RVing
Refrigerator cold air catcher

Wish i had a FLIR gun. I picture cold air falling out of the fridge. Thinking a piece of something solid might hold a bit of it back?
wopachop 07/20/20 12:49pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Measuring battery condition

Easiest way to measure battery level of charge?You also mention the terms "battery condition". There is an easy way to get a baseline for the batteries overall health. Take note of charge times. When a battery is in poor condition the voltage will spike when you try to charge it. That tricks the charger in to thinking the battery is fully charged. So the charge cycle happens much quicker than normal. Instead of charging for an hour like it normally did the bad battery will say its charged after a few minutes. Thats a rough example. BUt just something to note. Works with any size battery. Little ATV batteries on a battery tender will turn green really quick when the battery is toast. edit to say you can also trick the battery tender. If you are ever in a pinch and cant get a new battery just keep taking the battery tender off and on. Each time it will pump a small bit of amps into it.
wopachop 07/20/20 11:24am Tech Issues
RE: Moving fridge thermistor up = warmer??

This is the last 24 hours. In the middle of the night im not opening the door. Why does the cooling cycle start and stop so many times to finally reach its goal of around 37F?
wopachop 07/20/20 11:08am Tech Issues
RE: Moving fridge thermistor up = warmer??

I notice the humidity begins to drop slightly before the air temp catches up. Pretty sure when the graph shows low humidity that means the fridge is doing a cooling cycle? If you look at the second picture is it fair to say the fridge was trying to cool for several hours? Whats bugging me is why doesnt my fridge do that more often? Its been hot outside. Fridge gets warm when i open the door. But then it only cools down for about 30 mins. Instead of cooling down for 2 or more hours. Shouldn't i see constant operation until it drops down into the 30s. Second Picture below.
wopachop 07/20/20 10:54am Tech Issues
RE: Moving fridge thermistor up = warmer??

Thanks for the OHM chart. Will have to check my probe. My heat cycle only seems to happen for about 30 mins. Even when the probe is reading 45F air temps. A couple days ago there was a very long heat cycle that lasted 2 hours. Which is what I expect to see when the fridge is above 40F. But that's rare and my data shows the fridge cool down for 30 mins and then stop for 30 mins. Regardless of how warm the fridge has become from me opening the door.
wopachop 07/20/20 10:10am Tech Issues
RE: Moving fridge thermistor up = warmer??

Anyone else have a similar thermometer in their fridge? I'm curious how often a dometic fridge is supposed to cycle. Been getting weird data.
wopachop 07/19/20 05:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Help with LED strips

Oh dang too late. If you snap pics I could possibly help.
wopachop 07/18/20 11:55am Tech Issues
RE: Moving fridge thermistor up = warmer??

I was assuming the fridge temp dropping was while the heating element was turned on. Then the fridge rising in temp is while the heating element is turned off.
wopachop 07/15/20 09:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Moving fridge thermistor up = warmer??

What can we conclude from this graph? I had been watching the cycles this morning and it seems to turn off and on every 1 hour. So i started to wonder if the fridge was in some type of timed mode. But then you can see later in the day the cycles took a longer period of time. So i dont think its doing a timed cycle anymore. I dont get why the thermistor is telling the computer to end the cooling cycle before it goes down like 36F like it did earlier in the day.
wopachop 07/15/20 07:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Moving fridge thermistor up = warmer??

I was thinking about the out of normal OHM range. But even if that existed for my model it would be towards the benefit of cooling. When you first start the fridge it will be ambient temps. So the probe will send that OHM signal. Fridge cools to 38F. Now with the probe off the fins, should the cooling continue to get much cooler? Since the probe is normally reading the fin temp that Doug described as being 10 degrees cooler. I would think a probe hanging in the air would have to read around 28F to send the correct OHM reading to shut down. My particular dometic fridge does not have the temperature setting dial. But i still enjoy reading about other models and how they act. I want to find the OHM specs and test my probe.
wopachop 07/15/20 12:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Moving fridge thermistor up = warmer??

Now if I pull the thermistor completely off the cooling fins, shouldnt I see fridge temp get very low before it cycles off and allows temps to rise? Possibly, Some Control boards react differently. There is a resistance/Ohm signal from the Thermister and if out of normal range may cause malfunction of the Cooling cycle. On Norcolds, if you disconnect(unplug) the Thermister, it will cause a BOS cooling cycle. This causes the refer to alternate between cooling and shutting off at timed intervals. But, for a lot letting it hang down will cause 24/7 operation, until the refer Thermister gets cold enough if that is possible. Remember, The Thermister senses the FIN temp, not the air temp. The fin temp will be 10 degrees colder than the actual refer temp. No harm in trying, post what happens. DougIm still confused on how the control board is reacting to the thermistor. I was taking surface temp readings of the fins and moving the probe to different locations. I cant seem to develop any patterns besides the dang fridge being 42-44F. Ive tried pulling the thermistor off the fins several times. I was hoping that would cause 24/7 cooling, since the probe would be reading air temp. But that doesnt seem to be the case, as my graph of the temps show it cycling off and on. In desperation i installed a larger computer fan into my center ductwork. Im still fiddling around with the speed control to see if there is such a thing as "too much air". Im guessing that running it full blast would blow out the propane. Im on electric. Also put a larger fan inside the fridge. I have 2 fans now that are double sided tape to the roof. With the probe laying in the drip tray im finally cycling between 36-38F. That part im confused about is why isnt my fridge iceing up with the probe completely off? I was just gone for a few days and worried i was going to come back to frozen stuff. That happened weeks ago when i first pulled the thermistor off the fins. It did a big long cooling cycle down to 36F. But then rose into the 40s and cycled there. With the thermistor hanging in the air. Just didnt make sense.
wopachop 07/15/20 10:24am Tech Issues
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