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RE: Another 6.6 gas question

I don't get the 10 speed OCD discussions. I drive a different truck every day at work, all 3 US flavors and probably almost every combination at one time or another. Unless your always in Flatlands running empty/not towing and going for squeezing every last drop for fuel mileage, all those extra gears are wasted fluff. In hill country loaded or towing you'll never be up in them much if at all and it does not matter what is in front of the tranny. More gears = more heat and more parts to wear. Mostly agree. Regardless of gears you still need the same HP/TQ to climb a mtn or cruise the interstate. However an 8sp or 10 speed will have better spacing between gears and allow the vehicle to maintain speeds easier without lugging or over revving. Exactly, with my 4 speed GM 6.0 when it down shifts its a 1000 rpm jump. I have so many times that it would be great to have a gear in the middle. When I'm running on flattish interstate I've have to choose between struggling at 2000 rpm, and reving at 3000rpms, but it be great to have a gear at 2500rpm. I've pulled from ATL to the FL Keys turning 3000rpms and it did fine, but 2500rpms would be perfect.
wowens79 10/28/20 11:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Time to retire the 7.3 OBS?

I’d say fix it and keep it going. I don’t think you would gain any reliability going to a 6.0 or 6.4. Fix it up, and keep saving up for a significantly newer truck. I’m driving a 2002 Chevy 6.0 with 245k miles, and put about $2k into fixing leaks etc about a year ago. It’s only broke down once in 18 years. Once that house is paid paid off, sick the money away for a newer truck.
wowens79 10/25/20 06:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying from a private party

Sorry for your loss. Depending on how recent it was, I'd suggest maybe waiting a bit before you make any big decisions. Going from a 40' A to a B is a huge difference. I might suggest renting one for a trip just to see the difference. Also depending on you situation, I might think about looking at selling the A while prices are up, and buying something else when prices settle some.
wowens79 10/21/20 12:16pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Thor Axis 24.1

I'd make a full price offer contingent on liking the way it drives, then tell them you don't like it just to make them mad.
wowens79 10/21/20 12:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: OK to TN

Since we are newbies: Drive 200 miles, stop by 2pm, stay 2 days...... You are retired right? Seems that rule would hinder traveling for most people. Have to have a lot of time to get somewhere. Using that rule. We would have never gotten to travel. Looks like it will take you about 9 days to get to where you are going. Were I you I would look for KOAs .. Many of them are close to interstates. Unless I misunderstood. Which is very possible I'm with you, driving doesn't bother me, and not being retired, I don't have days to waste. I know alot of people follow that rule, but unless I change, which I may do with age, I'd rather get more miles in, and have less set up and tear downs, unless of course there are things to see/do at the stops.
wowens79 10/20/20 09:11am Roads and Routes
RE: Forest River Issues

Had a buddy with a leaking toilet on his first trip, took it back to the dealer, and they told him it would take a month to fix it. So he started walking around the new campers and talking to people looking at campers and told them about the issues with his new camper and how they were taking forever to fix it. about the time he got to the 2nd family the service guy came up and told him it his camper would be fixed in 15 minutes. You've got to get them where it is painful. It takes not time to reply to an email, but when you start costing them sales and making them look bad, it gets their attention. Although the way campers are selling now, it may not affect them.
wowens79 10/19/20 03:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: favorite tow vehicle for small trailer??

Hi, Newbie here. Wife and I are looking into a small trailer (Aliner, Scamp, teardrop, etc) for maybe next year. We want something small so we can tow it with a car/SUV. I am thinking <3500lb total weight. My current car is a 2009 Pilot which is very long in the tooth. I relly need a new car so, I am shopping for that first. It will also be my daily drive car so, gas mileage is important, as is driving comfort. It will also be our tow vehicle in the future. I'd prefer a crossover or compact SUV or something like that. My Pilot is chunky and gas mileage isn't great (< 20mpg highway, towing nothing). Plus, it has blind spots which bother me. I want to replace it soon. Budget is <$35K so high end vehicles are out of the picture. Some cars I am considering: Subaru Outback Honda Passport Toyota Highlander I was wondering what folks use (and like) for towing their small trailers. Whatcha got?? We towed a popup with our Pilot and it did great. Pilots will last forever, we drove ours for 15 years, and 260k miles with no problems, sold it to my SIL, and it is still going strong.
wowens79 10/19/20 11:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

We're on the fence for now. Will probably cancel the last week that had us close to Daytona for the race. I can watch it at home but it won't be near as much fun. If those stands are allowed to be full I want no part of it. We went to 'Dega 2 weeks ago, They had everyone so spread out. 1st row, 2-4 people on each end, 2nd row empty, 3rd row 4 people in the middle, 4th row empty, 5th row 2-4 people on each end. No lines at the bathroom, or concessions. Really weird how empty it was.
wowens79 10/19/20 06:55am Snowbirds
RE: On the road breakdown stories..

Nothing to exciting, after 5 hours on the road, we were about 5 miles from our campsite at the beach and the fuel pump went out on the truck, first beak down I'd had in that truck in 14 years, and 195k miles. State Farm had the truck towed to a repair place, and coachnet had the same wrecker come back and take us to our campsite. Luckily we were meeting family there, so we didn't even have to rent a car. Coming back from a lacrosse tournament in 100 degree heat, had a tire blow on the camper. My 16 year old son was with me, so I grabbed the jack, and he grabbed the lug wrench, and we had the tire changed and back on the road in less than 10 minutes.
wowens79 10/16/20 11:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Choosing our first travel trailer! Big family

A model like our Keystone Bullet 31bhpr would fit the bill. There are several brands that have the same floor plan but I found the Keystone to be the lightest by a large margin and the quality was better than most. It has a bunk room in back with king sized futon on the bottom and 2 single bunks above and decent storage. Outdoor kitchen with a sink (most nowadays don’t seem to have sinks anymore) and a 2nd entry door directly to the bathroom. A nice feature so the kids don’t track all the dirt through the trailer. It’s 34’ tongue to bumper and only 6400lbs dry. 8k gvwr. I wouldn’t tow it with less than a 3/4t truck or van. I’ll definitely check this out thank you! Reading reviews of Camping World you come across all kinds of bad stuff, from adding to the price at closing, taking months to do warranty work etc.
wowens79 10/15/20 11:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Choosing our first travel trailer! Big family

Couple of thoughts for you. 1. Avoid Camping World other than the large variety to look at. 2. Kids are gonna grow. Our son was was 5'6" when we bought the camper, and now he is 6'2", and no longer fits in the bunks. 3. I'd avoid the outdoor kitchen, the appliances are not the best, I prefer choosing my own grill and stove. Just get a folding table, and make your own. 4. I really like my residential fridge, it works much better than the propane ones, and has more room in it. We always camp with hookups, so if you boondock, that may change your decision.
wowens79 10/15/20 07:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Your "favorite" BBQ Grill, suggestions

So, those of you who have proposed the Weber Q2200 - I have done a wee bit of research....and now I have a question. One of the Q&A's said this about that grill, and I just wish to know if it is true...or what YOU may have done about this: "...the Q 2200 is not compatible with an RV propane system. They are only meant for use with disposable LP canisters or a standard 20 lb QCC1 style LP tank via Weber adapter hose 6501" So, Weber fans, what say ye?? You just have to remove the pressure regulator on the grill. Super easy to do. Just google it, there are articles/videos on how to do it. It’s really nice just plug it into the camper line and you don’t have to worry about those little cans.
wowens79 10/15/20 05:05am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Booking Camping sites for 2021

Over the last 10 years it has gotten harder and harder to get into the desirable parks. With RV sales continuing to increase it will just get worse. RV sales have exploded this year.
wowens79 10/15/20 05:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The price of new trucks is beyond comprehension!

Rule of thumb on how much to tie up in vehicles from Dave Ramsey, is that no more than half your annual income should be tied up in things with wheels or motors. So if you make $100k only have 50k worth of cars, campers, and boats. Paying cash works fine for me, and keeps me from swapping vehicles every few years, writing a check for $50k is much more painful than signing for a payment for go up $50. Probably good advice although I think it would be likely that few of us on this forum live by that rule. I believe people who manage their money well can save for what matters to them. I’d like to know if Dave has a rule of thumb for the maximum percentage of a persons net worth that he recommends be tied up in things with wheels or motors? He recommends not buying new until you have a net worth of $1million, because of the depreciation, lots of great used vehicles that are a few years old out there. I have not heard him give a percentage of net worth to have tied up. He does often tell people that have built up a large net worth to go get what they want. We've lived his guidance for the last close to 15-16 years, and it was painful at first, but over the years there is so much less stress, and we have seen our savings and networth grow exponentially. We haven't had a payment on anything other than the house since 2006. What we used to spend on vehicle payments goes straight to a vehicle fund for the next one.
wowens79 10/14/20 09:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: The price of new trucks is beyond comprehension!

Rule of thumb on how much to tie up in vehicles from Dave Ramsey, is that no more than half your annual income should be tied up in things with wheels or motors. So if you make $100k only have 50k worth of cars, campers, and boats. Paying cash works fine for me, and keeps me from swapping vehicles every few years, writing a check for $50k is much more painful than signing for a payment for go up $50.
wowens79 10/13/20 09:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Your "favorite" BBQ Grill, suggestions

I’ve had a Weber Baby Q for 13-14 years now, and it had been awesome, and is all original parts. It is well worth the money. The only other grill I’d consider for the camper would be a Big Green Egg Mini Max so I could smoke BBQ while camping. But they are heavy, and really expensive.
wowens79 10/13/20 08:56pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: The price of new trucks is beyond comprehension!

I bought my first new vehicle in 2002, I was 33, and we found out we had a second child on the way, so I needed a crew cab. Bought a 2002 1500HD LT, which was top of the line back then for $31,000, sticker was $38k. I'm still driving it, and it has 245K miles on it, and has left me on the side of the road one time. It's been a great truck. Luckily I've still been making the same $400 car payment into a savings account for the last 14 years. I'm gonna try to get another year of 2 out of it, and buy another. That will hopefully get me to retirement. I won't be going top of the line, probably will be in the middle of the line with an LT, Bighorn, or XLT gasser and be in the $45-47k range out the door.
wowens79 10/12/20 08:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Camping along the Gulf Coast

Gulf State Park in Alabamais closed from hurricane damage, and they have not said when it would reopen. It has 500 sites, that were booked, so all of those people have probably booked any cancelations at Florida State Parks. All of the state parks on the gulf beaches stay booked almost year round. I’d look figure out the area you want to go, and look at some of the private campgrounds. They are more expensive and typically smaller sites, but much easier to get into.
wowens79 10/11/20 08:25pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What's the longest/heaviest you would tow with a 1/2 ton?

Once you get into the 28', 7-8k lbs range you are getting to the area of needing a specially equipped F-150, so just for fun, I went on Fords website, and built 2 trucks, an F-150 XLT 4X4, with heavy duty tow package, and heavy payload package. It was just over $50k, then I built an F-250 XLT 4X4, and did not have to add any heavy duty packages, and it was just under $48k. So really you might as well go with the 3/4 ton, it will be a little cheaper, and you don't have to worry about payload, and you have more truck to handle the load. The MPGs, will suffer a bit, but unless you put a bunch of miles on it daily, that shouldn't be a concern.
wowens79 10/08/20 06:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Atlanta to Grand Canyon with 10 days

If you could stretch it out to 13-14 days I'd say go for it.
wowens79 10/06/20 01:43pm Roads and Routes
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