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RE: towing a popup with 2008 Odyssey - assorted questions

We towed a popup with a Pilot, which is the same engine and trans as an odyssey, but I think it does have a stiffer suspension. It did do pretty good with it, but it did lighten the front end some. Our Pilot was all wheel drive, and when starting going uphill in the rain, you could feel the front tires start to spin, and then the rear drive would kick in, so not sure how much spinning the odyssey would do. It does not have wiring for a brake controller, but you can wire one in. I did that on our Pilot, it is not to bad, but you have to run wires the length of the car underneath it, so that is a bit of a pain. had a kit for it with all the wiring you need, and even had a video on how to install it.
wowens79 12/06/21 09:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Greystone Fireplace - Replacement Circuit Board

Is it that EC5 capacitor?? If so, if you can find the numbers on it, you can order one and replace it for almost nothing. The soldering iron was like $15, and the capacitors were like $2 I had a Samsung TV that I did that with, and it worked for another 5-6 years. Nothing really to lose trying it.
wowens79 12/03/21 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: Ford Gas 6.2 vs 7.3

I’d go with the 7.3. After the first year they seem to have worked the kinks out, and from reports I’ve read, the fuel mileage actually seems better with the 7.3. 7.3 is a simpler pushrod design, and it’s torque curve is much better. It hits 400lbs or torque at 1500 rpms.
wowens79 11/23/21 02:51am Tow Vehicles
Camera/tire monitoring combo??

Has anyone seen a combo tire monitor/rv camera system? There are hundreds of individual systems, but it seems like a combo would be nice to only have the one screen in the cab, and would be easy to do.
wowens79 11/20/21 05:13am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Park Wi-Fi Issues

There are so many things that can cause WiFi issues. Not only does the number of users affect it, but there are lots of other things that interfere. Microwaves, and cordless phones cause interference. Also any wall, camper etc between your device and the router. The new mesh networks really help with coverage, but most campgrounds aren’t going to spend the money on that.
wowens79 11/18/21 08:10pm Technology Corner
RE: Ram 2500/Cummins

Yup got the truck - beautiful and love it. Reading here from you guys just thinking it won’t do the job. $70 grand is a hard hit if it won’t do the job!. Speaking with the dealer they tell me the pin weight of a 13,000 lb 5th wheel should be around 1800 lbs; but the specs on the trailer say 3300. Pin weight is normally 20-25% of trailer weight, so I doubt it will be 1800lbs. The way trucks are right now, you might come out ok selling it and buying again. 3500's are not more. Might be able to do an almost even swap.
wowens79 11/18/21 08:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire recommendations for pick up truck for towing

I’m on my second set of Cooper AT3, and they have been great, and will buy a 3rd set when the time comes. Plus they are American made!! My daughter has a set of Falken WildPeaks on a 2dr Wrangler that have been great, but it’s really light, so not a great test.
wowens79 11/06/21 06:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrade from 2500 to 3500 Question

If the 3500 is a 19, it goes to the 8spd, and everyone is raving about how much better the Hemis pull with the 8spd. Look at the new Ford 7.3 gas with the 10spd. It is the king of the gassers.
wowens79 11/02/21 07:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Travel Trailer with Kayaks

I use a ladder rack on the truck with 2 J kayak mounts on the outside, and 2 kayaks stacked in the middle. It’s a bit of a pain to strap them down, but not bad with 2 people. Rack was only $100, and the J mounts another $40. Pretty cheap and easy.
wowens79 10/28/21 09:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Residential fridge

I’ve got a resi fridge, with an inverter and 2 golf GC6 batteries and it does great, and would not have an RV fridge after this. But we are in the southeast, and there really aren’t places to boondock. I’ve spent 12 hours on the road, and the fridge was still running, and the batteries still had a good charge. The charge from the truck doesn’t keep up, but definitely extends the range. Find your inverter and turn it on before you leave and you’ll be in good shape.
wowens79 10/17/21 07:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Tire Question

I’m on my second set of Cooper AT3s. Got 55k out of the first set and I’ve got about 25k on the second set. They have been great. They are a more aggressive tire than the Michelin. Plus the Coopers are American owned and made.
wowens79 10/16/21 06:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Mount 100lb mini-split condenser to rear wall?

Not sure about the mounting, but I love my mini split in my man cave. Super quiet, and efficient.
wowens79 10/04/21 08:40pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Nowhere to go

Here in the south east, the state parks that you want to go to stay pretty booked. After labor day, some of the campgrounds on lakes you can find some sights. The Campgrounds in the mountains stay pretty booked. You have to book way out, or luck into a cancelation. There are some state parks that always have availability, but they are in the flats in the middle of GA, and not really an appealing place to go, no beach, no mountains, no lake.
wowens79 10/01/21 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Truck not getting fuel

The fuel pump is the only thing on my 6.0 that has left me on the side of the road. It died at 195k 6 miles from the campsite. It's now at 256k, and still going strong.
wowens79 09/28/21 11:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm actually in favor of high cancelation fees....

I miss the days of a spur of the moment weekend trip being an easy thing to do. I've had pretty good luck finding cancelations, but I hate the uncertainty. Should they put in something like if you cancel 3 times in 12 months, you can't make another reservation of 6 months? I hate to say it, but I'm not sure if the financial penalty would bother that many people.
wowens79 09/28/21 07:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Looking into getting first TT

Think about a popup, Ours had a king, queen, the table made a short full, and the couch made a twin, so lots of bed space, not much walking around room. We really enjoyed ours for 9 years, and in someways liked it better than our TT.
wowens79 09/22/21 03:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking into getting first TT

Consider a hybrid camper, you will have more bedspace, and it will be lighter. It won't be as roomy, but it would be easier to find a tow vehicle for. Like everyone has said, a suburban, or a expedition won't handle it. The problem is the payload capacity of the tow vehicle, which is the amount of weight that can be added to the tow vehicle. This includes weight of passengers, and anything packed into the car, as well as the tongue weight of the camper, which when loaded will probably be 1000lbs. I can see needing 2000lbs of payload easily. Overloaded like that, those campers will be wiggling that suv all over the road, and will be miserable to pull. Also, the bunks in campers are pretty small, we bought our bunkhouse when our son was 12, and like 5'6, now he is 6'2" and does not fit on the bunks, so we end up having to use the couch for him, so think about growth. Sorry to be a downer on the SUV, but I've got 2 friends in the last year that listened to the dealer and bought campers like what you are looking at, and had 1/2ton trucks. Both were miserable towing, and ended up buying 3/4 ton trucks.
wowens79 09/22/21 05:08am Travel Trailers
RE: New Truck question(s)

While the Peak ho and torque numbers are similar between your 6.2 and the motors in the hd trucks, if you look at the torque curve, you get lots more torque at lower rpms. I wa awaiting for the 2020 Chevy hd to come out, but I think Chevy messed up staying with a 6 spd. In all the comparisons, the Ford 7.3 handles loads much better. But if you stick with a similar size trailer, the 7.3 may not be needed, but it’s priced similar to the others.
wowens79 09/17/21 09:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5er accidents

I'm not creating a "Rolling Road Block", doing 65 because the other traffic never use the right lane and are running 10 to 20 over the speed limit at least. Where exactly is the average speed in on a busy urban freeway upwards of 80-90mph? I'll wait for you to provide data supporting your position. Yes, there is the stray vehicle doing it but I never suggested keeping up with the outliers. I don't have data, but I-85 south of the ATL airport between College Park and Newnan on the weekends, is crazy fast. Without the camper, I've been flowing with traffic, and been doing 85. Good thing is, it's pretty new interstate, with wide lanes, and good pavement.
wowens79 09/09/21 05:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5er accidents

I've seen a couple of TT flipped over lately, and they looked like bigger TT being pulled by 1/2 ton trucks or suv's. These dealers will sell people anything. I tow my TT on the interstate around 65-68, but I'm amazed how many go flying past me. I think the amount of power some of these diesels kick out now, they don't strain pulling at 80-85, so people do it.
wowens79 09/08/21 12:43pm Fifth-Wheels
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